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If you are a business owner you know you work insane hours – twice as many as your employees, and usually far more than you would like!

Owners start out in business with a compelling vision of making their own decisions, pursuing work they are passionate about, and building something worthwhile that will last. Unfortunately, running a business can turn into a storm of detail and responsibility that clouds that bright vision and threatens to tip the boat.

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How Can a Business Coach Help?

As the Lead Business Advisor at Global Business Coaching, I have experienced being stuck in exactly this position.

Since 2006, I have been Part Owner and Managing Director of a family business (Fire & Emergency Services).  Even after working 12-hour days, I found myself limited: if I employed any more technicians to service customers, there would not be enough hours in the day for me to manage them.

I was a slave to my business, unable to get away on holiday, and not really living the life I wanted.

My escape from this trap began when I realised my problem was structural.

You can’t solve structural problems by working harder.

The good news is that the knowledge of how to get past this stormy overwhelming phase is out there.  In fact, you can read reviews of several excellent books on the subject in my articles on this site.  But do you really have time to study this right now?  The knowledge may not be specifically tailored to your needs.

The coaches and mentors who taught me changed my life, and I am passionate about helping other business owners with tried and tested methods to achieve their dreams – as I have done.

Just 2 Hours A Day!

I was able to reduce the amount of time I worked in my own business down to two hours per day,  while more than quadrupling the company’s revenue.

I spent the remaining time with my family, learning to surf, and starting Global Business Coaching to pass on this knowledge to other people.

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What helps most business owners is support to claim back the time they need to think about strategy.

Unfortunately, just knowing that you and your business would benefit from strategic planning and delegation isn’t enough.

It’s like knowing that eating more vegetables, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep would benefit your health.

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There is no secret knowledge, just three common mistakes that keep business owners in entrepreneurial slavery:

  1. They try to catch every problem that comes up, so they end up working on all of them.
  2. They don’t define firm boundaries – to not work beyond a certain time, or in another person’s area of responsibility.
  3. They unconsciously train their team to bring problems to them, instead of developing a team that solves problems for themselves.
Helpful Coaching

Why Work With Us?

You don’t need a business coach because they know a secret that others don’t.
You need a business coach to do three things for you
  • Know the terrain ahead from personal experience.
    You wouldn’t take financial advice from some guy living in his car.  Equally, it’s important that your business advisor is a successful business owner.  The best business coach has actually achieved the work/life balance and strategic command of his enterprise that you would like to reach.

  • Tailored advice. 
    You don’t have time to hear general advice, some you already know, and some which is irrelevant.  A business coach should get to know you, and your business.  The advice you get is then unbiased and specific to your needs.  That way you can implement ideas decisively and get improved results straight away.

  • Work with your strengths.
    An experienced business coach has the edge: he has advised enough business owners to understand that they can be successful in different ways.  He won’t try to make you into a version of himself but will work with your personal style.

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Free Resources

  • Read my short, practical articles. Start with

      • From a 60+ hour work week to just two hours a day
      • How to redirect staff inquiries to the right person – not you
      • What you can get from business coaching
  • Read my book Time Freedom, as a free PDF or buy the paperback for $14.99. It’s full of personal experience and actionable steps – including planning worksheets.

  • Join Global Business Coaching’s Facebook Group to connect with me personally. See what other business owners are talking about when they are grappling with time pressure, or looking for networking opportunities.

  • Book a Discovery Session. You can explain your situation and we can talk through how Global Business Coaching services can significantly benefit you and your business.

Business Coaching

  • Test Drive
    You wouldn’t buy a car without trying it out first. In the Test Drive, you spend 2 hours a week with me, for four weeks, with the specific aim of working 10 hours less per week by the end of the Test Drive.
    What could you do with an extra 10 hours per week?

  • Group Coaching
    A huge benefit of group coaching is meeting like-minded business people and understanding that you are not alone.

    These fortnightly online meetings suit business owners who feel overwhelmed and need a supportive atmosphere to learn how to reclaim time for strategy.

  • Mastermind Group
    Owners of larger businesses with revenue over $1M, or a large team, also benefit greatly from regular meetings with peers to:

      • Brainstorm ideas
      • Create accountability check-ins
      • Find strategies to solve the problems faced by larger businesses
  • One-on-One Business Coaching
    In person, or online, coaching sessions for business owners with a small team who want to take their business to the next level.

  • Global Business Camp
    Three days of fantastic speakers and mixing with other business owners at the Surfers Paradise Hilton. An exciting way to kick-start or invigorate your business coaching journey.

  • DISC Assessment
    People with the same communication style as your own, ‘get’ you straight away. Frustrating communication misfires between team members, suppliers, or customers, may be a mismatch in style. Overcome this by understanding where each style is coming from, and tweaking your language to suit. We can run DISC Assessments individually or with a whole team to iron out time consuming misunderstandings.

  • Accountant Resources
    If you are an accountant and would like to offer business coaching to your customers, we have a structured, tested, business coaching program template and resources ready to go. Find out how you could use these to offer more value to your clients.

Offering You

A Tailored SolutionExperienceSupport

Tailored Solution

In most areas of life, we expect to have teachers and mentors to get us started and help us level-up.  Just because you are ‘going it alone’ as a business owner, doesn’t mean you have to figure everything out from scratch by trial and error.

With so much at stake, it makes sense to have someone in your corner who has the business experience, unbiased knowledge of your situation, and coaching experience to help you avoid known pitfalls.

You can have the life you want
Do something positive toward it by booking a free Discovery Call Today