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Are you looking for a Business Advisor in Adelaide? I can Help.

Before we talk about how I can help, lets unpack what it is that a business advisor actually does.

What is a business advisor?

A business advisor works alongside very closely with a company on their strategy and direction, advising them on matters such as marketing, finances, product development, among many others.

Importance of business advisors

In this day and age, it’s impossible to be good or knowledgeable at everything that you have to do as a business owner. That’s why it’s important to receive expert advice from a trusted advisor when you’re making decisions that will shape the future of your business.

This is where a business advisor can help.

A business advisor is an expert in one or many fields of business and is experienced in diluting abstract knowledge into clearly defined processes and goals that are relevant to the business they’re consulting, not just cookie-cutter advice that you can find from books or videos.

When you’re making decisions for your business, receiving advice from someone who understands your WHY and why you need to make these decisions is invaluable compared to advice that is written for anyone and everyone.

The 17 Different Types of Business Advisors

A business strategy is a plan that outlines your business goals and the steps you’ll take to achieve them. It’s your roadmap to success, guiding your decisions and helping you navigate the complex world of business. A good business strategy considers your unique strengths, the needs of your customers, and the dynamics of your market.

1. Strategy Advisor

Developing a business strategy includes rigorous planning and projections across multiple disciplines of running your business. This aspect of business is important for launching new products, hiring important roles into the business, opening new departments, and entering unique markets. Strategy advisors often work alongside the CEO or COO to focus on the company’s bigger picture, as the scope of business strategy as a whole is quite broad.

2. Marketing Advisor

Marketing advisors are specialised in customer behaviour, identifying unique selling proposals, and packing them into the right networks. Advisors help with both traditional and digital marketing initiatives and help to identify unique monetisation channels and potential partnerships, increasing the exposure of your business.

3. Sales Advisor

Sales advisors navigate and oversee in-house sales teams, internal sales processes, refining pricing of products etc. Advisors of this specialty may help with tasks such as managing promotions, discounts, return items etc, outreaching for partnership opportunities on a wholesale and retail level, negotiating ideal delivery and vendor terms, and handling negative customer feedback.

4. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors will review past data and future projections with regard to your business model and provide guidance for risk management and safe allocation of the company’s resources. They also specialise in handling company deposits and other internal investments. Their skillset is also applicable to your personal finances, so not only can they steer your business in the right direction, but also your own personal economic future.

5. Operations Advisor

Operations advisors unlike many are not concerned with the bigger picture, but however are specialised in solving efficiency issues with regard to your businesses day-to-day activities. For example, in traditional manufacturing businesses, operations advisors help to establish effective workflow in production, warehouse management, logistics, scheduling meetings for feedback/review on what was done well and what can be worked on etc.

6. Management Advisor

Management advisors are the planners behind operations consultants. Essentially these advisors help your company to improve its operations performance, analyse existing issues within your organisation and construct solutions to eliminate these issues.

7. Tax Advisor

Tax advisors use their extensive knowledge on tax legislation to help your business handle taxes in the most efficient manner and leverage any possible tax advantages or exemptions in hopes of maximising the profit that is brought home to the table. Tax advisors often work alongside accountants, lawyers, or other financial advisors, who will aid in digging you out of the toughest economic battles either your business may experience, or even your own personal finances will suffer from.

Legal advisors help to keep your business in check that its abiding by applicable legislation and will help to dig your business out of any legal trench you may encounter. Legal advisors ensure that they ensure your business is compliant with any local and international corporate laws, provide advice on employee and management conflicts, review acquisitions or mergers and their legal implications across the company, and formulate legal responses when settling disputes.

9. Information Technology Advisor

IT advisors specialise in areas such as infrastructure development, hardware systems, networking, software engineering, web development, building and scaling development teams, and compliance when working in government or security related industries. It’s often common to see small business owners partner up with these advisors when they don’t desire an entire tech team, which the advisor acts as a part-time CTO.  

10. Recruitment Advisor

Recruitment advisors are key, as the recruitment process in any company can make or break a business at some levels. These advisors provide assistance and in-house consulting for not only internal hiring, but also liaison with staffing firms. Working alongside recruitment advisors will grant your company access to a wider scope of reliable recruitment agencies, which helps to narrow the gap between companies and potential applicants.

11. Digital Transformation Advisor

The need for digital transformation advisors is only growing, as the digital world surrounding us has been rapidly growing over the last 20 years. This has led to the implementation of things such as moving in-house systems to the cloud, hiring with application tracking systems and innovative processes, using eCommerce solutions where necessary, and transferring on-site training processes to online training platforms. These advisors often work alongside digital marketing teams to generate the maximum output of your business.

12. Public Relations Advisor

PR advisors are concerned with your brand image and business reputation among consumers. While working alongside PR advisors, they’ll assist you with elevating the status of your business, managing issues which could jeopardise your company’s image, generating goodwill among target audience, bringing in media for more exposure, and rebranding the company if necessary. Although you can develop and shape your business own identity, it might be helpful to bring in a reliable source to see your company’s vision come to fruition.

13. Sustainability Advisor

Sustainability advisors offer a broad scope with assisting your company with green efforts, which include conducting company assessments on energy, water, carbon, waste, hazardous materials etc. These advisors evaluate current procedures in this field and can suggest to your business what needs to be addressed in hopes of making your company’s daily efforts more environmentally friendly.

14. E-Commerce Advisor

Similar to digital transformation advisors, these advisors are trained help your business identify solutions to assist your company’s digitalisation. However, E-commerce advisors are specialised more in selling your brand and your company’s products on a digital market over the digitalisation of the company’s processes as much. 

15. Human Resources Advisor

HR advisors have a deep understanding of labour legislation and fair work policies. Because of this, it is often that people HR advisors not so much as business owners, but employees of a larger company as you might be getting taken advantage of in the workplace. However, these advisors also can play a big role in your own business, such a providing interviewing tips when hiring leadership roles in the company and designing employee evaluation methods and company policies.

16. Innovation Advisor

Innovation advisors help organisations to solve complex issues and projects, in which they assist in the development of unique ideas and solutions. Examples of where innovation advisors are crucial is in managing a project for your company start to finish, helping in the prototyping for your company’s new product, or potentially developing solutions with a real impact on society.

17. International Business Advisor

International Business advisors have a very broad scope with regard to their knowledge, with their knowledge being dedicated to growing your business on a large international scale. These advisors will assist heavily in marketing your brand to consumers outside the country, looking at potential international partnerships and investments, and researching competitors outside the country but still within the same market.

Do I need the Services of a Business Advisor?

Whether your business is experiencing rapid growth and you’re looking for guidance to sustain it, or you’re facing a critical decision and need a second opinion, consulting a professional business advisor could be a game-changer for you. Here’s why: business advisors often have walked a mile in your shoes. They bring a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge that’s just right for helping you realize your business vision.

Each advisor brings their own area of expertise. Struggling to spark creativity and innovation? An innovation advisor is your go-to. Dreaming of taking your business global? An international business advisor can map out the journey. Or maybe you’re grappling with sluggish processes? An operations advisor can streamline your workflow. No matter their specialty, business advisors can give you the information and accountability that you need to pull your company out of a  rut, setting you on a path to increased profit and time freedom.

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