Business Mastermind Groups
run in Adelaide by Global Business Coaching

A unique platform for business owners to exchange skills, experiences and advice, with the help of a top business coach

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Our peer-to-peer advisory board meetings help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level, with vital support to help you grow your business and dominate the market place.

Build Skills

You’ll build your skills and sharpen your capabilities to overcome strategic barriers and test new ideas to give you a solid foundation to move your business forward.

Crucial Insight

You’ll get crucial insight and multiple viewpoints from other successful local business owners. This will enable you to overcome problems in your business and forge ahead into the future with confidence and resolve.

Exclusive Access

Membership of our exclusive mastermind panel also incorporates one-on-one business coaching with your group facilitator, plus access to a special business building blueprint.

A business coach explaining the effectiveness of a new business strategy to a team of executives

Your Business Mastermind Group in Adelaide

Global Business Coaching brings together dynamic entrepreneurs in face-to-face monthly boardroom meetings in Adelaide that provide members with guidance and motivation to achieve their business and personal goals.

This happens through the sharing of experiences and in-depth analysis of business problems. Working through scenarios with other local business owners helps board members to fine-tune their business vision, gain clarity, and focus on long-term strategy.

Fellow members of your mastermind group in Adelaide will be experienced business people who have built their own businesses with ongoing revenue-boosting growth.

They’ll help you scrutinise and address a range of concerns that local businesses often face, such as:

  • Unsustainable expansion.
  • Finding ways to improve performance.
  • Lack of business skills in certain areas.
  • Being overwhelmed through poor time management.
  • Cash flow issues.

The Alternative Board

GBC runs its Adelaide business mastermind groups under the umbrella of The Alternative Board – a global leader in high-level business coaching and advisory boards.

Together we help forward-thinking local business owners increase profitability and improve their quality of life.


Boardroom meetings take place in a confidential environment. Members sign a non-disclosure agreement, so you have peace of mind that sensitive information won’t be shared outside the group.

This allows members to freely discuss anything happening in their business without fear of it coming back to bite them.


Group members are vetted to ensure they have built a successful business and can contribute valuable information to the board of advisers.

Panel members are invited to join our mastermind group Adelaide sessions based on their particular strengths and their ability to pass on their knowledge and experience to fellow members.

An executive business coach can bring new ideas to your team and help to improve the peformance of your business

Your Mastermind Advisory Board Facilitator

Your mastermind group facilitator will be a Global Business Coaching business mentor specialising in high-level business coaching.

Adelaide-based Global Business Coaching is a leading business coaching provider with a wealth of experience.

Besides the mastermind advisory board, our services also include:

  • One-on-one business coaching
  • Online group business coaching
  • One-to-one accelerator sessions
  • Global business camps
  • Online learning resources
  • An online community

Global Business Coaching was founded 10 years ago by its lead business adviser, Alan Short, Managing Director of his family-owned business, Fire & Emergency Services SA, for 14 years.

One-to-One Strategy Sessions

To complement advisory board meetings, members get a monthly one-to-one business coaching session with their GBC facilitator to consolidate their efforts to unlock their potential.

These strategy sessions help you stay focused and on track while providing the opportunity to dig deeper into your business and pursue further strategies to achieve your goals.

While the mastermind advisory panel gives you all the benefits of working within a group dynamic, your one-on-one coaching will provide additional valuable support with direct two-way interaction with an expert business coach.

Time Management

Getting drawn into tasks that eat away at precious time is a common issue among owners of small businesses.

Our 1-2-1 mentoring sessions can be particularly beneficial in helping you improve time management by taking control of your business to give you more free time to enjoy your personal and social life.

Adelaide Business Coach Alan Short, having a discovery session with a client

Your Business Building Blueprint

Membership of the mastermind advisory board gives you access to the The Advisory Board’s proprietary Business Builder’s Blueprint.

This strategic business management online tool gives you an in-depth perspective of your vision for the future and shows you how to get there. It focuses on what’s most important to you and how you can lead the life you want.

The business blueprint clarifies strategic planning and gives you a better picture of how to achieve direction to attain your goals.

By concentrating on priorities and identifying gaps, you’ll be in a position to formulate a roadmap to success and improve business performance to gain a competitive advantage.

Benefits of Mastermind Advisory Board Membership

When you join one of our mastermind groups in Adelaide, you become part of a peer-to-peer sounding board – a practical, solution-based business forum with ideas and suggestions flowing freely.

Members share their expertise, provide fresh perspectives, and encourage critical thinking. This high level of support will help you take the right actions now to address important business decisions.

You’ll be better equipped to:

  • Take control of your business to achieve your goals.
  • Work on your business strategically by focusing on key areas.
  • Find new opportunities.
  • Adapt your business so day-to-day operations are less dependent on you.

And by developing a better work/life balance, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your hard work, spending more time with family and friends.

Mastermind advisory board monthly meetings give you access to fellow business owners and peer advisers who take the time to understand you and your business.

Addressing issues and discussing opportunities around the board table allows you to gain an honest insight from your board facilitator and members to help you make your business all it can be.

Will Your Mastermind Group in Adelaide Work for Me?

Are you a forward-thinking entrepreneur who wants greater profitability and improved productivity?

Do you wish you could run your business more strategically so you have more personal freedom?

Do you realise you don’t have all the answers, and feel isolated?

Do you wish there was someone to turn to for help and advice?

If so, our Adelaide mastermind group could be just what you need to seize control of your business, identify potential growth areas, and explore new opportunities, with clear purpose and focus.

With the support of fellow local business owners, you’ll learn to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve your business performance
  • Enjoy life with less stress
  • Make the right key decisions
  • Address problems such as cash flow issues
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Why Join Our Mastermind Advisory Board?

Being part of our business mastermind group in Adelaide gives local business owners a powerful forum for identifying and correcting common business glitches and overcoming challenges even in uncertain economic times.

It can be lonely at the top. With peer support from your very own board of advisers you’ll never feel isolated again when it comes to managing your business.

You’ll have a safe, confidential environment in which you’re able to help one another deal with the most pressing business issues and drive business growth.

And you’ll have professional support from two high-level business coaching companies, The Alternative Board and Adelaide’s Global Business Coaching.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Our mastermind group Adelaide sessions are not for everyone. Panel selection has to be thorough to ensure we attract the right calibre of business owners who can add value to the advisory board.

If you feel you’ve reached this stage in your business development, we can have an initial chat through a free 15-minute discovery session. This will give us both an idea of whether our board of advisers is right for you and you’re right for it.


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